Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fathers in the Small Things

This is a post that I thought I would not really post up because, well, things have not always been the best with me and my father.  When I was a teen I had a hard time connecting with my father because of some family things occurring at the time.  But yet, here I am posting something about my dad.  Something that I am grateful for.

I am not often at home since I am in college and in my final year (nose to the computer screen for papers).  And that means that I only get, maybe once a weekend a month, if that.  And I usually don't have much time to get a good chat with my parents as I would often like to.  Now, I have been at home for Christmas break and have found something that has been a mind blow to me lately.  My father is a blessing to me in my life.

One of theses ways that he is a blessing in my life is that he is a guy that I can joke around with.  The other night I was with my fiancee and my parents watching a movie.  At one point in the movie my father and I just start laughing together at a joke, but it was like we would not stop.  That is one thing that throughout my childhood and teenage years I did have with my dad, I could joke and laugh with him.  Yes, at times, we both make terrible jokes (my fiancee and mother can attest to this), yet that was our thing.  And it was not just our thing, but it is almost simply just like a Wilson Men's thing.  It is our connection in the family, our way of blessing each other.

Another form of blessing that has been huge for me as a college student is that he was willing to help me out with some of the necessities that I use when I am at school.  My dad has very graciously allowed me to drive the van at school and use it as I need it.  Not only that but he has helped out with a majority of the car expenses and contributed to gas money every once in a while.  There are many other blessings that he has brought to me in this way.

One final thing that has been a huge blessing to me has been that he has always sought to make me feel welcome and heard at home.  This past break, I have talked with my dad over many different things that I have learned at school, which is really refreshing to show my knowledge of things.  He has been willing to accept my opinions and come to acknowledge them when we talk in other conversations.  This shows that he is wanting to know what I have learned and is willing to learn from it as well.

I bring about a challenge to you my followers and readers, look for where your dad is bringing you blessings.  It may be hard at first if your dad is distant or if you have not really put thought into it at first.  Yet, there is probably something or sometime where your dad has blessed you in some form.  I know it is not Father's Day yet, but do we need a special day to to be thankful for a our father's in the small things?  Not only take time to appreciate the blessings your father has been to you, but place it somewhere in your heart to hold on to, to be proud of your dad in how he is there for you, his child.

This another thing that needs to be understood, just putting that blessing from your father in your heart is not the only thing you must do, but you need to be a blessing to others.  I say this because an even greater father has blessed you with the blessing from your father.  It was through God that you have a father, period!  Now what is needed is that you should be a blessing to others.  When you ask for blessings from God and He delivers, you need to then bless others through your blessing.  Blessings are reciprocal to all people and are meant to be given to others.  Be a blessing.  It can be in the small things or in the big things, but be a blessing to someone.  Be like a parent to someone.

(Matt 7:10) So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. NLT


  1. Wow... way to say it, hun.
    You're right - it's often in the little things that we are beyond blessed. Then, in turn, we need to bless others.
    Thanks for the blessing you've been in my life.

  2. amen brother. Your dad is an awesome man. Fathers are blessings, I know mine is. Especially all that he has been through. Being away from home makes me appreciate my folks more.
    Well said bud.